Getting Ready to Shingle in Maine

Posted by on Dec 19, 2014 in Maine | No Comments

Maine, House, shingles

The standing seam metal roof is on, the insulation is in (mostly), the plasterers are here, and the shingles should start . . . today. Felt paper is on, breather has arrived (made in Maine) and exterior details decided (mostly). It’s a bit of a challenge to shingle in the winter in Maine as pretty much every other day is rain, snow or sleet. Fingers crossed they will be here to begin today. I have decided on my appliances, my faucets, my tiles (mostly) and the kitchen design (mostly). I agonize over my counter tops as I would LOVE to do cement, and KNOW that they are porous and stain easily. Argh. I can’t seem to find an alternate solution┬áthat I like. Off to shop!