Garden is Growing. Maine.

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Organic Garden Maine June 13, 2013

It’s my first garden, ever. It is growing. Everyone has well intentioned advice about soil, stakes, fertilizer and fences to coyote blood and human pee barriers. And Mr. woodchuck? The solutions vary from have-a-heart traps and releasing 50 miles away, guns, fire, fumigation to calling the local guy who trains attack falcons. And then we must contend with worms, bugs, storms, lack of rain, animals … the list is long. Will it be possible to actually grow food to fruition? I’m cautiously optimistic . . . and very determined. And, I have set aside a lot of time to weed.

Organic beans

Organic Beans

Organice Peas
Organic Peas

Sunflowers in Maine
Sunflowers Growing in Maine