Despite it All . . . the Organic Garden Grows. Maine!

Posted by on Aug 10, 2013 in Maine | No Comments

Sunflowers on way. Maine.

Despite the incessant rain, our lack of planning, our lack of preparing, and our lack of any farming knowledge . . . the garden grows. We did not add compost, we did not mulch, we did not do any of the things we should have done. We planted too much of the same things and not many of others. We are naive. We have bugs. We might have blight. We do not have a well.


Despite it all the potates, salad, watercress, beans and basil are delicous and the tomato jungle is expanding daily. The sunflower plants are almost as tall as me.


We await ripe tomatoes. We await harder potato skins. We await sunflowers. We weed. We watch the dragonflys circle, the sun set, and another day end.