Farm Photos

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Almost two weeks ago we welcomed three Wwoofers and Kelsey Kobik an amazing Maine farm photographer to the Oui farm. It was a very hectic and also very fun week. We worked hard, donated a lot of food, and sweated a lot. It was hot. We also ate well and shared our love of Maine with the Wwoofers making trips to Popham beach, and our favorite swimming holes around the area.

Thinning beet greens

Thanks to our farm manager Rachel, Kelsey Kobik and Wwoof-USA for a great week of labor and entertainment. We learned a lot, laughed a lot and probably gained weight. Things have already changed so much since these photos were taken. Everything is lush and large. We are currently harvesting cucumbers, zucchinis, kale, salad, cherry tomatoes, large tomatoes, herbs, flowers, cabbage and peppers. The onions are getting close to ready and the garlic was harvested and curing.

Donating Food
The farm July 30, 2019

We are now busily planting our fall crops which include more kale, salad, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and herbs. More to come!

Our first Celery

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It’s finicky and prone to disease. It needs to be watered regularly. We decided to grow it, and succeeded. We have already donated a bunch and will donate more along with more cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, salad and kale.

Picking and Donating with Veggies to Table

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We are harvesting so many things these days. We have a plethora of cucumbers, zucchinis, kale, cabbage, broccoli, romaine, arugula, mustard greens, basil, parsley, and now garlic. This morning we donated 40 pounds of cucumbers, zucchini and cabbage through our gleaning group that will go to local organizations that help community members needing healthy food. I will soon be harvesting all of the garlic and hanging it to dry, but tonight I will just be making pesto.

We also have so many flowers from borage and zinnias to sunflowers and soon dahlias. The tomatoes and tomatillos are starting to ripen as well. The abundance of this time of year is such a joy.

Summer on the Oui Farm

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After digging out our, very large, beds by hand to eradicate as much of the invasive weed (quack grass) we found everywhere . . . we planted like crazy.

We have been busy. SO busy I have been remiss about writing here. I promise to try to be better. It was a challenging start to our grow-to-donate farm but we have truly begun.

Everything is growing beautifully. We have already harvested tons of greens, salad, zucchini, peas, snap peas, kale, herbs, scapes, cabbage, broccoli and lots of flowers. So much more is on the way. We have started donating to local organizations including meals in a local church, summer lunch programs for children who don’t have enough food, and a group delivering directly to local families in need.

Inside Planting in Maine

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Soil block planting of organic broccoli and cabbage seeds
Organic Fedco Broccoli Seeds

The onions, leeks, celery and celeriac are all growing away under the fluorescent lights. We are preparing our small unheated greenhouse for planting salad and kale late next week. I have learned soil-blocking.  We have planted cabbage, and a bunch of flowers (Hollyhock, Bells of Ireland, Foxglove, Echinacea and some Stevia). We are adding an addition onto the chicken coop for brooding babies and as a chicky hospital when needed (not at the same time of course). Next up to plant are tomatoes and peppers in soil blocks 

Soil blocking in Maine with organic cabbage seeds.
Soil Blocking – Rachel Alexandrou

The snow continues to melt and some birds have returned. Spring is in the air.