Giving Thanks & Giveaway

Erica & Alain Veggies to Table

In this time of crazy incertitude and change, I feel grateful. I am here in Maine blessed with fresh air, great food, tons of chickens, two cute kitties, and my French hubby. We were able to enjoy the safe company of so many wonderful people on the farm all season. I miss gathering with friends and family, but at my non-profit Veggies to Table the work we do is meaningful and our goals lofty.

Despite the many challenges we faced we have accomplished so much in our second season at Veggies to Table. We have:

  • Grown & donated 11,000+ pounds of produce 
  • Doubled our no-till grow area 
  • Drilled a well & survived a drought
  • Bought a commercial fridge
  • Built a washing station, outdoor kitchen, & installed irrigation
  • Safely welcomed over 40 unique volunteers who donated over 4,000 hours to our cause 

We have profound gratitude to our volunteers, donors and sponsors who make this journey possible. And we have had some wonderful recent Press on Veggies to Table.

To thank you, our incredible supporters and volunteers, we have an exciting Giveaway that runs through Monday December 7. In order to continue our work we have started a Go Fund me.


For a chance at winning the following French inspired gifts, we ask that you:

  1. Follow: On Instagram and/or Facebook
  2. Comment: About what you are grateful for right now on one of our Giving Tuesday posts on Instagram/ Facebook (we posted daily from Sunday-Wednesday but comments can be anytime this week)
  3. Spread the Word: Share & tag a friend (or a few)  

Four random winners who follow, comment, & tag, will receive one of these Gifts:

Winners will be randomly chosen by midnight Monday December 7.
If you want to help our cause and see a great video on un, check out our Go Fund me Campaign.

Photo Credits: Top: Caroline Mardok, Kitchen & Turnips: Kelsey Kobik, Paris: Julien Hausherr for Haven In

The View From Above & Lots of Flowers

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I can’t get enough of the view of the farm from above.

Veggies to Table view from above
Photo: Bridge to Shore Films

And I can’t give away enough flowers. It makes me very happy to create joy. I had hoped to plant even more flowers this year to donate to those in need along with organic produce through Veggies to Table, but with the pandemic, we focused on food. That said, we have donated over a 150 bouquets so far this season with lots more to go.

Dahlias, Zinnias, scabiosa and flowers to be given away
Photo: Laurel Getz

I am working on raising funds for cold storage so flowers and produce can be harvested and stored for lengths of time. Once this is a reality I will, most definitely, be able to expand on the flower giving!

Veggies to Table farm view from above

Photo: Bridge to Shore Films

Bye Bye Cucumbers

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Cucumbers, squash and pumpkins at Veggies to Table.
Photo: Kelsey Kobik

Here I am a few weeks ago in my lively, and lovely, cucumber patch. Sadly, cucumber beetles and squash bugs took over and, in the end, won. Our plants put up a valiant fight and we were able to harvest, and donate tons of cucumbers to pantries and summer lunch programs around the community. A week ago, I made the decision to pull the plants along with all of the squash and pumpkins that were planted in the same area. It was sad. But, then it was happy as we planted spinach, salad, kale, chard and radishes. They are coming up and happy so far. I am excited to see how they fare as the weather cools. We have row covered and are adding a small low tunnel to the kale and some salad to help it last longer into cool weather.

Veggies to Table a grow to donate farm in Maine
Walking to my cucumber patch – Photo: Kelsey Kobik

Giving Food & Flowers

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Me, doing what we do at my non-profit Veggies to Table, donating a lot of produce to the Boothbay pantry on Friday am. I also was able to make over 30 bouquets of flowers to go along with the tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, scallions and pumpkins we have been donating. Sharing the joy of flowers can’t be beat… along with feeding those in need of course.

Veggies to Table donating to the Boothbay Regional Food Pantry in Boothbay Maine
Photo: Kelsey Kobik

Giving Seeds in Maine

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Veggies to Table donates 1100 packets of seeds to local food pantries
Veggies to Table Donating Seeds to Local Pantries

It was a lot of work. I had to sort through, alphabetize and arrange all my seeds. next I had to figure out which ones I may, or may not, plant this year. Then I had to organize and make bundles. And it was a lot of seeds, 1100 packets to be exact. Each bunch included a variety of the following; greens, peas, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, peppers, kale, chard, pumpkins, zucchini, summer squash, winter squash, herbs and a mix of flowers. They were all picked up (at a distance) and brought to the Jefferson Area Food Pantry, the Whitefield Pantry, and the Boothbay Pantry so that their recipients can plant their own garden and grow their own food. Exciting times for growing food in Maine and spring is on the way.