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Erica & Alain Veggies to Table

In this time of crazy incertitude and change, I feel grateful. I am here in Maine blessed with fresh air, great food, tons of chickens, two cute kitties, and my French hubby. We were able to enjoy the safe company of so many wonderful people on the farm all season. I miss gathering with friends and family, but at my non-profit Veggies to Table the work we do is meaningful and our goals lofty.

Despite the many challenges we faced we have accomplished so much in our second season at Veggies to Table. We have:

  • Grown & donated 11,000+ pounds of produce 
  • Doubled our no-till grow area 
  • Drilled a well & survived a drought
  • Bought a commercial fridge
  • Built a washing station, outdoor kitchen, & installed irrigation
  • Safely welcomed over 40 unique volunteers who donated over 4,000 hours to our cause 

We have profound gratitude to our volunteers, donors and sponsors who make this journey possible. And we have had some wonderful recent Press on Veggies to Table.

To thank you, our incredible supporters and volunteers, we have an exciting Giveaway that runs through Monday December 7. In order to continue our work we have started a Go Fund me.


For a chance at winning the following French inspired gifts, we ask that you:

  1. Follow: On Instagram and/or Facebook
  2. Comment: About what you are grateful for right now on one of our Giving Tuesday posts on Instagram/ Facebook (we posted daily from Sunday-Wednesday but comments can be anytime this week)
  3. Spread the Word: Share & tag a friend (or a few)  

Four random winners who follow, comment, & tag, will receive one of these Gifts:

Winners will be randomly chosen by midnight Monday December 7.
If you want to help our cause and see a great video on un, check out our Go Fund me Campaign.

Photo Credits: Top: Caroline Mardok, Kitchen & Turnips: Kelsey Kobik, Paris: Julien Hausherr for Haven In

Late Harvests

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Winter is on the way. We expect snow later today. Yesterday I harvested the purple brussel sprouts, the last of the salad, and the final carrots.

Purple Brussel Sprouts

I learned that certain plants can take a bunch of frosts and will definitely plant more of them next year. Things like carrots, parsnips, beets, peas (to a certain degree), rutabagas, kale, spinach, salad and cilantro have lasted well despite the cold and some with the help of row covers.

Last Carrots

As of yesterday we are left with kale, spinach, parsley, some last salad greens under row cover, and some parsnips I am overwintering.

It has been a great season. At Veggies to Table, our non-profit, we have given away over 4200 pounds of fresh organic produce to our neighbors in need. Exciting times in Maine!

Late Salad

Frost Came in Maine

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A Frosted Zinnia

We knew it was coming and we busily harvested all that we could in the days leading up to it. We were able to get all of the squash, onions, tomatoes, and most of the carrots along with tomatillos, peppers and basil. We also picked, what seemed like tons of beans and flowers. There were zinnias, marigolds, dahlias and sunflowers.

Late tomatoes and flowers

Luckily we did this as last night the frost came and wiped out everything that was not frost hardy. Thankfully there is still a lot of lettuce, kale, spinach, radishes, leeks, brussel sprouts, arugula, parsnips, and some carrots growing in the garden.

The tomatoes have been ripening in the house (there are many), the dahlias have continued to bloom despite blackened leaves, there are still a few sunflowers, and the garden persists … for a while. Next year I will know to protect more crops from the first frost as now we have at least two weeks between that first frost and the next one!

Late Dahlia

Helping Our Neighbors in Maine

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The giving season at Veggies to Table is fully under way. We have already donated over 300 pounds of fresh organic produce. Yesterday we gave 30 pounds to a local family living in the crisis of food insecurity.  

The morning was spent picking and preparing the produce and our lovely neighbor came by to deliver to the family who is a couple with a four year old. We donated heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, tomatillos, basil, parsley, zucchini, kale, salad, cilantro, celery, the first red onions, some jalapeño peppers and a bouquet of flowers, everyone needs flowers.

Farm Photos

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Almost two weeks ago we welcomed three Wwoofers and Kelsey Kobik an amazing Maine farm photographer to the Oui farm. It was a very hectic and also very fun week. We worked hard, donated a lot of food, and sweated a lot. It was hot. We also ate well and shared our love of Maine with the Wwoofers making trips to Popham beach, and our favorite swimming holes around the area.

Thinning beet greens

Thanks to our farm manager Rachel, Kelsey Kobik and Wwoof-USA for a great week of labor and entertainment. We learned a lot, laughed a lot and probably gained weight. Things have already changed so much since these photos were taken. Everything is lush and large. We are currently harvesting cucumbers, zucchinis, kale, salad, cherry tomatoes, large tomatoes, herbs, flowers, cabbage and peppers. The onions are getting close to ready and the garlic was harvested and curing.

Donating Food
The farm July 30, 2019

We are now busily planting our fall crops which include more kale, salad, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and herbs. More to come!