Sunset in Maine. It’s Hot!

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Sunset Edgecomb Maine

It’s been 90 degrees for the past few days. Hard to believe only a week ago the heat was on and it was in the 40’s. It is sweaty, and pretty!

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Frost is Over. We Hope. Maine.

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Greenhouse SimonFrost is over (we hope). Screen windows and doors are in. Seeds are planted. More to follow. Leaves are opening. Black flies are biting. Mosquitos are as well. The sun IS shining. This is the greenhouse Alain built with our friend Simon for his farm.  Organic food and summer are on the way. All is well.

So Many Houses. Design Hell 101.

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Maine Barn Sunshine

Now that we have land. We need a house. The house needs to be designed. This is proving to be no easy feat. We have many ideas and beliefs (and a budget), and now we need to move them from our head, to paper to reality. We have been making lists, gathering photos, compiling Pinterest boards, and talking with professionals. We have met with designers, architects, builders, and tradesman. Who knew how hard designing would be?!

Here are some of the home exteriors we have been enjoying. We are torn between a house that looks like a barn, and a Maine farmhouse. Thoughts, ideas, help?!

White Farmhouse - MaineShingled house Midcoast MaineFarmhouse Maine WinterMaine Barn

Maine. Daffodils. Who Knew?

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Daffodils Bremen Maine

When my friend Martha suggested we head on over to another friend’s house in Bremen for brunch and daffodils, I said sure. That said, I must say, an event centered on daffodils intriqued me. I mean, who really cares about daffodils? Right? Wrong? We arrived to fields filled with many different colors, sizes and kinds of daffodils along with a spectacular magnolia tree and scattered forsythia bushes. So beautiful. So aromatic. Who knew?

Daffodils Maine (more…)

Our First Plantings

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Alain went to the annual Fedco sale and came back with two pear trees, a Japanese lilac, two grape vines, and a cherry tree (plus a lot of organic non GMO seeds). We have now planted the trees and vines and are watering faithfully. They look so small.Alain with our first plantingsMe plantingPlantedAnd one day we hope to have pears like these. Our neighbor grows them and, … so can we!