Our First Transplant

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It’s exciting times on the farm. We had our first indoor transplant of seedlings planted on March 8 and transplanted on April 2! We moved hundreds of celery, celeriac and parsley from tightly packed trays to more spacious accommodations. We are now fully maxed out in our indoor, fluorescent light in the guest bedroom setting. We have also planted the first of the lettuce and kale in the greenhouse. And the onions and leeks got a hair cut.

Everything is coming up, even my saved seeds which is exciting.

As you will see, we have planted a lot of things already! Here are all of the new ones since my last post. It’s all very exciting and kinda overwhelming.

New Plantings:

Herbs and Flowers
Stevia – Botanical Interests

Foxglove – Pinetree Seeds

HollyHock – Botanical Interests 

Green Twister Echinacea _ Pinetree 

Belles of Ireland 

Thompson – Fedco

Super Red – Fedco

Golden Acre – Fedco

Early Jersey – Seeds Savers Exchaange

Toma Verde – Botanical Interests

Green and Purple Tomatillo

Orange Peppers

Yolo Wonder

Red Peppers

Long green from Thailand

Green Egg

Chinese White Sandy

Round from Valence

Hot Peppers
Early Jalapeño – Botanical Interests

Piment sweet and long from les Landes



Fruition – Honey drop 

Delicious tomatoes don’t know name but I saved the seeds 

Sungold seeds I saved



Orange, red and yellow cherry

Yellow Brandy Wine  – High Mowing Seeds

Indigo Apple – High Mowing Seeds

Gold Medal – Fruition

Green Zebra


 Delaway – Seeds Savers Exchange

 Russian Frills  – Fedco

Lacinto Seed Savers Exchange

Dwarf green Curled Kale High Mowing Seeds

Red Russian Seed Savers Exchange

Vates High Mowing Seeds


 Bloomsdale – Botanical Interests 


Parris Island Cos – Botanical Interests

Ice Queen Baker Creek

Green Towers Romaine  High Mowing Seeds

Little Gem – Baker Creek

Inside Planting in Maine

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Soil block planting of organic broccoli and cabbage seeds
Organic Fedco Broccoli Seeds

The onions, leeks, celery and celeriac are all growing away under the fluorescent lights. We are preparing our small unheated greenhouse for planting salad and kale late next week. I have learned soil-blocking.  We have planted cabbage, and a bunch of flowers (Hollyhock, Bells of Ireland, Foxglove, Echinacea and some Stevia). We are adding an addition onto the chicken coop for brooding babies and as a chicky hospital when needed (not at the same time of course). Next up to plant are tomatoes and peppers in soil blocks 

Soil blocking in Maine with organic cabbage seeds.
Soil Blocking – Rachel Alexandrou

The snow continues to melt and some birds have returned. Spring is in the air.

The Maine Giving Garden Begins

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organic celeriac seeds Maine

The giving garden has officially begun. We plan to grow many of pounds of fresh, organic, and top quality, produce that we will deliver to the food pantries, schools and any place there are people in need in our area. Food insecurity affects one in four children in Maine and up to 17% of all households.  Approximately 6-7% of all Mainers do not have enough food to eat every dayMaine is the most food insecure state in New England and high up on the list in the US. Lincoln County Maine, where we live, has a wide gap of rich to poor.

We aim to do what we can to help feed those in need and educate the community on how everyone can help by working towards solutions to hunger and poverty.

To start out we have planted onions, shallots, leeks, celery, parsley and celeriac in our indoor ‘greenhouse’ ie, metal shelving in the guest bedroom and T5 flourescent  lighting. We do not have a heated greenhouse and we decided to plant here , in the house, to keep the seedlings close rather then have them in an exterior greenhouse off of the property.

Organic seeds and soil Maine

The goal is to plant intensively for maximum yield in minimum space with healthy plants and soil. We have planted thousands of onions and hundreds of leeks, celery and parsley and just a little celeriac. All of these seeds fit in just 5 trays!

I have a very non-scientific mind and now all must be logged and recorded. It’s a whole new world for me and I am doing my best with spreadsheets and numbers.

As I adore variety I have chosen seeds from multiple seed providers and picked many different kinds of  beautiful organic seeds.

Organic seeds and soil for the 2019 garden Maine

Seed companies we use and recommend:

Seeds we have started with and where they came from:

(I love all of the names)


  • Dakota Tears – High Mowing Seeds
  • Cortland – Johnny’s
  • Yankee – Johnny’s
  • Walla Walla – High Mowing Seeds
  • Talon – High Mowing Seeds
  • Sedona – High Mowing Seeds
  • Cabernet – Botanical Interests
  • Geneva – High Mowing Seeds
  • Red Baron – High Mowing Seeds
  • Rossa Di Milano – High Mowing Seeds
  • Calibra – High Mowing Seeds


  • Conservor – High Mowing Seeds


  • Tango High Mowing Seeds
  • Tall Utah – High Mowing Seeds
  • Giant Red – Baker Creek


  • Monstorpolgi – Seeds Savers Exchange
  • Diamant – High Mowing Seeds


  • Kings Seig  – Fedco
  • Tadorma – High Mowing Seeds
  • Bandit – High Mowing Seeds
  • King Richard – Botanical Interests


  • Italian Flat Leaf – High Mowing Seeds

What is your favorite place to buy seeds?

We have been learning to save our own seeds and for our personal garden will be trying them out. Stay tuned for updates on all of the giving garden fun. And if you are around the MidCoast, we’d love to hear from you.

Ordering Organic Seeds for my Summer Garden

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Old Abandoned House in Damariscotta Mills, Maine

It was a productive, and cold, winter Sunday yesterday in Maine. I finally hunkered down and finished the Excel spreadsheet of all the seeds we have. This was quite time consuming as it contains what the seeds are, their name, where they are from, the year the were grown, and how many seeds there are. Once that was done I compared what we have to my wish list. I then nailed down everything I wanted to buy and started looking at my go to seed catalogues;  Fedco, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Botanical Interests, Pinetree Garden Seeds, and Seed Savers Exchange.

Fedco Seeds, Botanical Interests, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Groundswell Farm Seeds

I then picked everything we need, think we need, or want. After this I compared, made sure it was organic. I have to admit that it got confusing between heirloom and organic at times, and ordered.

I found almost everything except organic dahlia tubers (stay tuned for an update on Dahlias soon). I also would like some organic Yarrow, and Penny Royal for companion planting which we are going to try this year. I am sure I am super over-ordered but, as I said to French hubby who mentioned I should be careful not to order the whole catalog, at least my little vice is ordering organic seeds and not wanting diamonds and fancy cars. Now, all I have to do is wait for seeds, and plan out the whole garden, aie!

Organic Produce Maine

A Slow Money Maine Gathering

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Snow covered house in Maine with Winter ambiance and light I feel so inspired to be living in Maine right now. I spent an enriching afternoon at the Slow Money Maine gathering in Gardiner. It was all about connecting with people, sharing, and learning about the amazing and inspirational things everyone is doing. And now the next step is figuring out how to connect the dots so we can help each other out and collaborate. Seeing people realizing their dreams and making this world a better place to live in is a rare thing in this challenging moment. I’m working on getting my dreams off the ground (stay tuned as that unfolds) and taking the Lincoln County Gleaners (where I volunteer) to the next level. I look forward to moving ahead! A big shout out to some of the incredible people there today that you should check out: Merry Meeting Gleaners, Thirty Acre Farm, Common Wealth Poultry, Farm Drop, Freshiez, A Small Good, Growing to Give, Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Maine Gleaning Network. And a warm thank you to Tim Shay of Nibezun for the blessing and sharing.