A Slow Money Maine Gathering

Posted by on Jan 24, 2019 in Maine | No Comments

Snow covered house in Maine with Winter ambiance and light I feel so inspired to be living in Maine right now. I spent an enriching afternoon at the Slow Money Maine gathering in Gardiner. It was all about connecting with people, sharing, and learning about the amazing and inspirational things everyone is doing. And now the next step is figuring out how to connect the dots so we can help each other out and collaborate. Seeing people realizing their dreams and making this world a better place to live in is a rare thing in this challenging moment. I’m working on getting my dreams off the ground (stay tuned as that unfolds) and taking the Lincoln County Gleaners (where I volunteer) to the next level. I look forward to moving ahead! A big shout out to some of the incredible people there today that you should check out: Merry Meeting Gleaners, Thirty Acre Farm, Common Wealth Poultry, Farm Drop, Freshiez, A Small Good, Growing to Give, Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Maine Gleaning Network. And a warm thank you to Tim Shay of Nibezun for the blessing and sharing.