Coq au Vin and Hatching Eggs in Maine

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Two bad boys

We hatched eggs last year. They were unsexed. We ended up with 19 roosters plus Monsieur … the original roo. We gave away 15. Kept four. It was all going so well, Monsieur ruled the roost. The ladies were fine. Winter came and went and the little roos are now adults. They are attacking each other, attacking Monsieur, and worst of all attacking, wounding, maiming and even killing our ladies. It’s time for action. We must kill them or give them away. This is hard as, despite the havoc they are wreaking, we love them. They are all very different and very interesting. But they must go. The slaughterhouse is full up for months, COVID_19 lockdowns going strong, so we must do this ourselves. Luckily we have YouTube and experienced friends. What we don’t have are the proper tools and equipment. We will improvise.

This leads us to the next issue, chick season is upon us. We thought of ordering some breeds we don’t have. With Covid-9 we dont really want to ship chicks (plus its not so good for the babies). We could get eggs… but we think we will hatch our own, again. This means we have to do it now as the ladies with less roos may not be fertile.

Eggs going into the incubator

Hatching chicks is quite a bit of work. Killing roos does not thrill me. Especially since I am attached. Do both we will. And we may just get a delicious coq au vin in the process!

Sheltering in Place in Maine

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The world has changed so much since I last wrote. I will try to keep a record. Here in Maine I feel blessed, and, of course, afraid of what is too come. We are so lucky to have land to walk on, food, cats to snuggle with and lots of chickens and pretty eggs.