Ordering Organic Seeds for my Summer Garden

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Old Abandoned House in Damariscotta Mills, Maine

It was a productive, and cold, winter Sunday yesterday in Maine. I finally hunkered down and finished the Excel spreadsheet of all the seeds we have. This was quite time consuming as it contains what the seeds are, their name, where they are from, the year the were grown, and how many seeds there are. Once that was done I compared what we have to my wish list. I then nailed down everything I wanted to buy and started looking at my go to seed catalogues;  Fedco, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Botanical Interests, Pinetree Garden Seeds, and Seed Savers Exchange.

Fedco Seeds, Botanical Interests, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Groundswell Farm Seeds

I then picked everything we need, think we need, or want. After this I compared, made sure it was organic. I have to admit that it got confusing between heirloom and organic at times, and ordered.

I found almost everything except organic dahlia tubers (stay tuned for an update on Dahlias soon). I also would like some organic Yarrow, and Penny Royal for companion planting which we are going to try this year. I am sure I am super over-ordered but, as I said to French hubby who mentioned I should be careful not to order the whole catalog, at least my little vice is ordering organic seeds and not wanting diamonds and fancy cars. Now, all I have to do is wait for seeds, and plan out the whole garden, aie!

Organic Produce Maine

A Slow Money Maine Gathering

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Snow covered house in Maine with Winter ambiance and light I feel so inspired to be living in Maine right now. I spent an enriching afternoon at the Slow Money Maine gathering in Gardiner. It was all about connecting with people, sharing, and learning about the amazing and inspirational things everyone is doing. And now the next step is figuring out how to connect the dots so we can help each other out and collaborate. Seeing people realizing their dreams and making this world a better place to live in is a rare thing in this challenging moment. I’m working on getting my dreams off the ground (stay tuned as that unfolds) and taking the Lincoln County Gleaners (where I volunteer) to the next level. I look forward to moving ahead! A big shout out to some of the incredible people there today that you should check out: Merry Meeting Gleaners, Thirty Acre Farm, Common Wealth Poultry, Farm Drop, Freshiez, A Small Good, Growing to Give, Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Maine Gleaning Network. And a warm thank you to Tim Shay of Nibezun for the blessing and sharing.

A Weekend Jaunt to Portland

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Airbnb Rental Portland Maine Arty detailsWe always say we need to spend more time in Portland (Maine). We never do. Finally, we decided to rent a flat in Munjoy Hill and spend a night. Now I wish it was two. The apartment was perfect and we had some lovely meals. Our favorite was Asian inspired cuisine at Honey Paw. We are trying to find the time to enjoy life, a bit. We will be back!Portland Maine apartment rental

Mindful in 2019

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Happy New Year from Maine. My hope is that 2019 will be year of mindful and conscientious living. One of less waste, less wasted time, more quality time with loved ones, and more kindness. My goals are to create less trash, grow more food for personal consumption, to become more self reliant, and to grow more food to give to those in need. I will also try to be kind, open-minded, and non-judgmental. It’s a start at least!

Kitties by the fire in Maine

Erica Berman