First Snowshoe

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They were cheap and they were, pretty much, new. They were our snowshoes. Thanks Craigslist!Firstsnowshoe

A Snowy Christmas in Maine

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Monsieur and snow

It was a snowy and beautiful Christmas in Maine. The kitties relaxed in front of the fire without a care in the world, while outside the ladies (and Monsieur) were braving the snow and cold. Luckily French hubby plowed and shoveled (with my help) and made them some space to wander.

Truchettaundertree Maine snowy chickensCats and Tree

Not Happy in Maine

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Snowy ladies

We do not like this at all. It is cold and this stuff hurts our feet but, thanks for the path anyway.

Let us in!

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In please?It is cold. The ladies, and Monsieur, are very unhappy. They want in. This lovely lady camped by our front door yesterday. The message was clear. Monsieur and Greta decided to retire to the coop (sadly unheated) very early. Sorry everyone. Luckily the days will be getting longer, and hopefully warmer, very soon.

Monsieur and Greta Cold

Morning Snacks in Maine

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The ladies are cold, cute, and hungry. Monsieur is standing watch over his lovely women.  They know that they will get snacks first thing in the morning and here they are!

hungry chickens