Last Bouquet of 2017

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Last Zinnia Bouquet

The garden is officially finished for the season except for my parsley, leeks, chard and kale. Everything else, sadly, went with the frost. Luckily I was able to pick this gorgeous bouquet of zinnias right before it was too late.

Another Day, Another Late Maine Harvest

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Garden October 16, 2017

There was a frost last night and I feared for the worst. I quickly tried to pick most of the green and slightly ripe tomatoes, the last of the sunflowers, tomatillos, beans, basil, and a big green pumpkin. I also cut all of the sunflowers down so I can hang them to dry out and save the seeds for planting and chicken food!

Last Harvest 2017?

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Last Harvest?It’s 7 am and I am just about to head out to the garden. When I harvested this basil, tomato, tomatillos, and a giant surprise cucumber, yesterday morning I did not realize it might be my last. I had peeked at the weather and did not see that it was going to frost last night. It did. I had a TON of tomatoes, basil and tomatillos still growing; also many zinnias. I fear the worst. Off I go. Wish me luck!

Apple Harvesting 2017

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Living in Maine one lives by the seasons, something I love. Right now it is apple harvest time. When we bought our land we were very pleased to discover a plethora of diverse and, mostly abandoned, apple trees. French hubby has been learning to prune and shape them for maximum yields. This is something that needs to be done over the course of a few years, but he has been a quick learner. These poor trees have submitted to years of neglect but seem to be responding nicely to the newfound love. It is now time to pick, sauce, dehydrate and, according to hubby, let stew in order to make Calvados. Au travail!

Damariscotta Pumpkinfest 2017

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Part of small town life is living in a community. I have to say, ours is adorable. And one of the sweetest events of the year is Pumpkinfest. Who can resist pumpkin regattas, derbys, parades, pies, pancakes, and a massive pumpkin smashing a car?

Here are a couple of my favorite pumpkins this year; an owl, a fish, a wicked witch, and a pipe smoking fisherman!

The fish and witch were in the ever entertaining derby where kids and adults alike craft a pumpkin vessel in hopes of winning the derby race down the hill. Fun.

The owl and fisherman are located on Main St. in town. For a real treat don’t miss taking a stroll through downtown to see all of the hand carved and decorated giant pumpkins.

More info here.