Winter is Coming

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We are starting to prepare. Despite this crazy warm September, we know the cold is on the way. The woodshed is waiting. French hubby has his work to do.WOodShed

Doing Our Small Part

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Popham and trashThe weather has been spectacular, but, as we know, there is no such thing as global warming. We had a lovely, most likely last, day at Popham Beach on Sunday. We decided to pick up trash along the way during our walk. We didn’t even need a bag as we found one in the waves. French hubby to the rescue. Sadly, we found a lot of plastic. Hopefully we made a mini dent!

Traveler’s Tomatoes

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I love traveler’s tomatoes. They are beautiful and delicious despite taking forever to ripen. Travelerstomatoes2017

Porcini or?

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We found a little stash of these today and they look like porcini’s but we are not 100% certain. Hmmm. Mushroom 1More Mushrooms

Summer Squash and Lemon Poppy Squash Bread

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When life gives you summer squash, you need to get creative. Many stir fries later I decided to look for some new ideas and found this gluten free summer squash bread recipe. I am trying not to eat refined sugar so I used coconut sugar and reduced the amount by about 1/4. It worked like a charm and was moist and tasty. French hubby is not convinced so, I ended up eating most of it myself.

Bon appétit!

Summer Squash Bread