French Hubby, Boston Marathon, and Food Insecurity in Maine

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Sadly, 1 in 4 children in Maine do not have enough food to eat. Maine ranks highest in New England of states where people are hungry. Children, seniors, and people with disabilities suffer the most. Over 15% of all Maine households are suffering from food insecurity.


When French hubby got accepted to run the Boston marathon we decided to try to make a difference, no matter how small, we know it will help.


Throughout the year many charities help feed our children, but they need nutritious meals in summer too. We set up a fundraiser with Healthy Lincoln Country (where we live in Maine) so that all monies donated will go towards feeding hungry kids during the summer. Check out our fundraiser here.

Take a peek, pass it on, get the message out there, and contribute if you can. Thank you.

Rainy and Beautiful

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Up above the city the rain patters down and the views continue.ABB rain

ABB view rain