Wooing Monsieur

Posted by on Nov 17, 2016 in Maine | No Comments


In a time of chaos, one must focus on the little things to stay calm.

In an effort to woo our wayward rooster back from his new home at the neighbors’ (he decided a while back to adopt their flock of 6 turkeys and 3 hens), I went onto Craigslist in search of some new ladies. I stumbled upon a nice couple giving away 9 hens about an hour from us.


We decided to take the leap. We finished building our new coop, and headed to West Gardiner to pick up the 9 adult hens.

Doing everything wrong we stuck them all in  together and left.


Our two took the top roost and there was some random blood in the coop in the morning, but in general, things seem to be going well. Everyone is mostly tolerating each other with some poking and pecking. And two days later, Monsieur was waiting outside the coop door in the am.


We are still carrying him home each night but remain confident that he will realize this is his home after all. And the neighbors’ won’t miss the 5 am wake ups.