Garden Flower Love

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August in Maine. Straight from the garden calendula, zinnias, sunflowers, and cosmos.Garden bouquet August 2016

A Summer Bouquet

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From my garden. A lovely bouquet. Maine. Glad that some of the flowers can resist the bugs!organic bouquet Maine

French Hubby, Monsieur and Me

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Monsieur the RoosterMonsieur was attacked almost two weeks ago. Two of his hens were never to be seen again. We couldn’t just leave him to die. So a quick trip trip to the vet to determine just how serious his under wing wound was. Quite. That said, he has been a trooper and he has been convalescing in the basement for almost two weeks (in a dog cage with a hand made roost). Monsieur lets us pick him up and administer pain meds and antibiotics. Here he is being held by French hubby as I give him a sponge bath to clean him up in preparation for his return to the ladies. We’re planning on letting him back in tomorrow or the next day. Stay tuned.

Roost, rooster Rooster at the vet

Garlic 2016

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They were not as big as I had hoped. I thought they may have had some kind of problem as the leaves were black and spotted, but in the end, they are lovely. All 150 organic heads of them!Garlic from my garden. Organic.