First snow

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Maine farmhouse in the snow

First snow. Maine. Preparing for my big trip. Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas From Maine

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Woods in Maine A Christmas walk in our woods. No jacket. It’s not normal that it has been so warm, but it is┬árather pleasant. Merry Christmas everyone.

Challenging Times, Progress and a Bathroom

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It’s been a challenging few months to say the least. Between something in my house making me ill and having to move out to figure it out (a work in progress) and the Paris attacks, life has been a bit unfriendly. Luckily there have been many lovely advances and charming moments sprinkled in to keep things in balance. A mild fall, a beautiful harvest, planted garlic, a mulched garden, good friends, a loving family, adorable snuggly kitties and, now, an almost finished bathroom are some of the things that keep me going. I am loving my reclaimed sink just like┬áthe one in my childhood bathroom, Popham Design tiles, window ledge made of wood from our land and modern shower head and nobs. I am waiting on the glass door, baseboards, mirror and finishing touches. Soon.New bathroom with reclaimed sink and Popham Design tiles.

Early December Morning in Maine

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Maine morning light

There may not be a lot of it, but the light there is, is gorgeous. Maine.