Pumpkins, Husk Cherries, Tomatoes and Squash

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Pumpkins, Husk cherries, Squash, Tomatoes MaineIt is feeling distinctly fall like here in Maine. Summer is still on, but the leaves are changing and the produce from the garden is looking like autumn. I think this is the last of the blackberries!

Melon and Bread. Maine.

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Garden Harvest with Melons in Maine.This morning I found 7 ripe melons in the garden. Organic, delicious and amazing. I am thinking of buying some proscuitto and making some sorbet. I also harvested an artichoke, husk cherries, arrugula, basil, cherry tomatoes, acorn squash, green beans and a cucumber. I then picked a quart of wild blackberries!

Bread at Pemaquid Mercantile. Maine

This past weekend the power of social media reigned. My Instagram friend Alex Beaudet of Pemaquid Mercantile asked us if we wanted a loaf of his homemade sourdough bread. Of course we did. Off we went to meet Alex in person, see his gorgeous shop, eat amazing bread, and find the perfect chairs for our house. Always so lovely to meet real people you have hooked up with through the Internet. Merci Alex. We also popped over to another SM friend The Good Supply. Another charming shop in the neighborhood.



Organic Melon in Maine

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First Melon Maine and OrganicMelons in Maine are hard to grow and rare to come by. Often they are not ready to eat before the cold hits. They need tons of heat and sun which is not always available here in Maine. This year I decide to take things into my own hands. I have been growing these babies for months now. Today I tried my first melon. It was not completely ripe, but it was already delicious. I will give the others some time and cross my fingers for continued success.

A Late August Harvest

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It’s a late August harvest from our garden. We have beans, cherry tomatoes, kale, salad, regular tomatoes, a giant cucumber that escaped detection, moon and star watermelons and a pumpkin! We are trying to beat the late blight on the tomatoes and I had to pick a bunch that were not ripe aie. I will be putting them in a holey paper bag to ripen on the windowsill (works like a charm but takes time).August Harvest Maine

Popham Beach

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Popham Beach, Maine

Snick away this afternoon for a few hours to Popham Beach. Summer in Maine . . .  Oui!