July 28, 2015 Harvest From The Garden

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Harvest July 28, 2015This morning in my garden everything was happy and thriving after last night’s big storm. I harvested arrugula, salad, kale, beans (the first), peas (probably the last), a few cherry tomatoes, calendula flowers, lavendar, dahlias, cilantro flowers and I need to go back for basil. All organic!

A Stray Kitty, Moon and Stars Watermelon and a Jungle in my Garden

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It is now officially a jungle in the garden. I did not realize just how much space pumpkins, squash, cucumbers, melon and watermelons took up. We have transplanted, trimmed and trellised hoping to make space for everyone. We shall see. The transplanted squashes seemto be surviving. The cucumbers, not so well. I do have a few beautiful moon and star watermelons growing. And we have a new stray kitty. We had one for a month or so, and now this one turned up. Both black, not the same cat. She is very sweet, needy and purry. The cucumber beetles continue to thrive and now their japanese friends are here in full force. As I write this I watch a turkey family in the field. Lucien the groundhog is out and about as well. Never a dull moment here in Maine. Who said living in the country was boring?!

Starry night watermelonGarden JungleStray Kitty

It’s a Melon

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It’s a melon. It’s organic. And it’s growing in my garden. I hope it stays hot here in Maine so it can mature and taste sweet like it should. Yumm.

organic melon maine

A Happy Garden in Maine (Except for Cucumber Beetles)

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Garden overview Maine

MONT-pumpkin-watermelonWe were away for a few days. I returned to a very happy garden. It seemed. We are infested with cucumber beetles. I have been killing them in droves. Smushing and pushing into soapy water. Apparently each one can lay 200-800 eggs. Help! They are eating my flowers. I bought yellow sticky stuff that is attracting them and helping a bit. Not enough. Argh.

Happy Organic salad Maine

Nevertheless, in the garden I have; Cucumbers, melons, watermelons, basil, lots of kinds of beans (green, pole, black, white) and tomatoes (cherry and other), many different sunflowers and dahlias, lavender, husk cherrys, artichokes, kale, salad, lazy susans, marigolds, garlic, strawberries, corn, hot peppers, eggplant, carrots, peas, iris, calendula, mixed flowers, rhubarb, squash and potatoes.  Now let’s hope we survive this particular infestation.

Pumpkins in Garden Maine

More Garlic Scapes and Popham Beach

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Popham Beach MaineI spent the morning weeding, watering and debugging the garden. I also cut my garlic scapes and picked lettuce and cilantro.

Then we spent the afternoon at Popham beach. My favorite.