A Rainy Sunday in Maine

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Sleepy Sunday in Maine with Kitties and crocsYesterday rained all day. Some of us worked, cleaned and read. Others baked brioche and meringues, ate and slept with kitty!

Little CB

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Little CBLast weekend we went to Massachusetts to bring back some furniture; a new couch and an armoire and set of drawers from my parent’s house. They have a very old (over 100 year) copper  beach tree outside their house that has been in my life for 36 years. Mom noticed there was a baby copper beach growing underneath and urged us to dig it up and take it back to Maine. We did not need any urging.  We hope little CB, as we call the seedling, will be happy and thrive here in Maine.

Little CB’s mom!

Garlic Scapes, Pea Flowers, Beans, Sunflowers and a Coyote

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ScapesThe garlic scapes are out and I am furiously looking for recipes. The pea flowers are in bloom and beautiful.  Tomatoes are in flower as well.

My saved sunflowers seeds continue to grow. The beans I saved (no idea what kind, aie) are also coming up nicely. All 9 of my dahlias are in various stages of growth. Storing them was a chore, but it’s exciting to see how nicely they are coming along.

Pea Flowers

Looking out the window this evening we saw the neighbors’ dog. Or so we thought. In fact, it was a coyote. A handsome one.

He was sniffing in the spot that the stray kitty has been occupying for the last three days. Hmmm.


Morning Garden

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Melon organic MaineWe have moved, finally. More on the new house soon! I have been planting seeds and seedlings like crazy while weeding every day. It is very exciting to be on the land and living in the house and so close to the garden. In the morning with the sun coming up and the dew on the seedlings it’s nearly perfect, if the mosquitos would just go away!

So far we have; all sorts of heirloom tomatoes, basil (seed and seedling), multiple kinds of kale (seed and seedlings), two kinds of peas  (seeds), strawberries (seedling), husk cherries, artichokes, brown eyed susan’s, thyme, lavender, garlic, sunflowers (mutiple varieties and some seeds saved from last year), beans (green, bush, black and jacob’s cattle), carrots, marigolds, dahlia’s, melons, watermelons, cabbage, acorn squash, cucumbers, calendula, lettuce and wild flowers.

We now also have a fence to protect us from deer and various other animals. We have two groundhogs ‘ Lucien’ and ‘Charlotte’ who keep us company. Often. We would love for them to stay, but not make our garden lunch and dinner. We shall see.

Getting Close; Wood Floors, Marigolds and Tomatoes

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Floor Rubio MonocoatWe are close. It’s the final stretch. The floors are done, finally. The baseboards are in and being painted. The closets are underway. The propane tanks are installed and to be filled this week. We have hot water and a working toilet. The kitchen appliances are set up.

While I furiously clean and pack, I am also in a garden frenzy. This past weekend I planted tomates, marigolds, pumpkins, kale, beans, basil, artichokes, husk cherries, dahlias, and more. The garlic and peas are growing nicely.

Tomatoes, Marigolds and Hunter BootsThe seedlings in the greenhouse, the ones that survived intense heat and cold (35-120 degrees), are doing well. We have melons, watermelon, acorn squash, basil, cabbage and cucumbers. I will plant them all, all 45 of them, soon. I started new tomato seedlings as the others got burnt when we forgot to open the door of the greenhouse one day. It may be too late, but I am willing to try. In the meantime Morning Dew and Morris farms have saved the day with their, already grown, seedlings.

Who said life in Maine was mellow?