Reclaimed Floors and More Snow. Maine

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Reclaimed Floors going inThe reclaimed wood floors are going in. Despite, yet another, storm and various complications. The tiling starts next week. We have our wood stove and hearth installed. Progress!

No Blizzard and a Frenchman on the Roof

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The blizzard passed us by.  Completely. Nevertheless, we were prepared. French hubby got the snow off our side roofs, shoveled paths and widened roads. He spent half the day trying to get the tractor to start; it did not. We had animal vistors in the engine apparently. I bought flashlights (made in the USA!) and candles. I baked a lasgane and toll house cookies. We canceled dinner plans. We waited. Nothing. I can’t say I am too disappointed (well a little) as now work on the house can continue.

Frenchman on the Roof

Frenchman on the Roof

Awaiting a Blizzard in Maine

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House and Snow

House and Snow

We await, yet another, blizzard. Two feet of snow and winds of up to 50 miles an hour are on the way. French hubby is taking extreme measures to dig out the tractor in order to plow out more space by the house and on the road.

Nevertheless, we did manage, between storms (and during) to get the house primed, move the reclaimed wood so it is ready to be installed, and rough in the plumbing in both bathrooms. All tiles are on the way and some already here. All of the hardware for the bathrooms has arrived as well. I even picked out our toilets!

We have chosen, after much deliberation and painting samples, the paint for our exterior doors and some of the interior walls We continue to contemplate the rest of the interior paint. We worked with a wonderful company in NY to get the paint.

Sunlight and Windows

We hope to do American clay in our main living area. This is proving to be quite a project and a learning experience. A suivre.

We have scheduled appliance delivery and the wood stove is on the way (we have had a temporary one on loan from a friend). The hearth is almost ready to be installed (our own granite).

Floors, baseboards, window sills and interior doors and jambs are all scheduled for next week.

Despite the snow, forward we go.

Snow and More Snow in Maine

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So much snow. It just keeps coming. If there is any more there will be no where to put it.  It is making our house project challenging indeed. Aie. Winter in Maine.Mailboxes Maine after the stormSnow and a Barn

SnowTruck snow


Snow and Shingles

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There has been snow recently. A lot of it. Multiple feet of it. Shingles move along, slowly. French husband is happy. He can plow, shovel and chop wood. We have the wood stove running to keep it warm inside for the painter who is priming our walls. We have a heater running in the basement to dry our reclaimed wood flooring.

We attempt to pick paint colors and styles. So many choices. More on that soon. In the meantime, it is winter in Maine and time to hunker down with a good movie and our kitties.

House and Frenchie