Moving Along in Maine

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Shingles in Maine. Winter and Snow.The Shingles as of yesterday. Moving along!

A Short trip to Belfast and Blue Hill, Maine

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Belfast, Maine abandoned building in downtownWe snuck away for the weekend to visit friends in Belfast and Blue Hill, Maine. It was beautiful, and cold.  I love this abandoned building in downtown Belfast.

Shingling in the Winter in Maine; Slow and (Semi) Steady

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We started. We stop. We wait. It’s cold. It’s windy. It’s snowing. It’s icy. It’s rainig. Shinging a house in Maine in the winter is a challenge. We move forward in fits and starts, but forward we move.


The interior is plastered and we are ready to start priming for paint. The reclaimed floors are inside and drying. The reclaimed doors are stripped and in the shop getting jambs. The kitchen is underway. All faucets and sinks are ordered and on the way and tile mostly under control.


Meanwhile, I agonize over the countertop and need to start picking interior paint colors and finishes.

Let’s hope for a warm spell so the exterior can be completed.