Getting Ready to Shingle in Maine

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The standing seam metal roof is on, the insulation is in (mostly), the plasterers are here, and the shingles should start . . . today. Felt paper is on, breather has arrived (made in Maine) and exterior details decided (mostly). It’s a bit of a challenge to shingle in the winter in Maine as pretty much every other day is rain, snow or sleet. Fingers crossed they will be here to begin today. I have decided on my appliances, my faucets, my tiles (mostly) and the kitchen design (mostly). I agonize over my counter tops as I would LOVE to do cement, and KNOW that they are porous and stain easily. Argh. I can’t seem to find an alternate solution that I like. Off to shop!


A Partial Roof, Snow, Wet wood, and a Screen Porch

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Roof Going on

It’s not supposed to snow so early in the season when we are building our house!

The standing-seam roof was partially installed before the storm hit last week. To be coninued. Plumbing, Electricity and HVAC are being roughed in. They must be done this week in time for the insulators to start next week. So many decisions. All at once. We ten to not be fast deciders, but we must be in order to progress.

Doghouse and back of screen porch

Doghouse and back of screen porch

We decided not to have a bulkhead. We decided to have a doghouse instead. We decided to have a screen porch and deck above it. We did install the pipe for the wood stove (we decided on a Jøtul) before the roofers started. Phew! We managed to pick the route for the road to take towards our house before the snow hit. We have our septic and well installed. Our exterior doors are being installed tomorrow (hand made with red oak from our land). We hope to pick our tiles and fixtures this week (out of necessity) after a long search.

Porch roof

We are designing our kitchen and look forward to the shingles going on. We reguarly debate with our builder about the best way to do all of these things. We spend way too much time on Pinterest and Houzz looking for inspiration. We are in bed early, exhausted, and up even earlier heading over to the site to take measurements, get ideas, and contemplate all of the above.

We spent half our day today pushing heavy, wet snow off the stuctures that house our reclaimed wood flooring. We need to get it inside to dry asap. It seems far fetched that it will indeed be ready, and dry, to be made into our floors. We await our stripped down reclaimed doors so we can start working on the hardware. We bake cakes, pies, cookies and quiche for 9:30 snack time with the guys.

Our reclaimed wood. Wet.

Our reclaimed wood. Wet.

And now I am off on a Pinterest quest for the perfect tiles, faucets, shower heads, and kitchen counters. Bonne nuit!