Rain in Maine is Mostly a Pain

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House End October

We have had incessant rain all week. Things have grinded to a halt at the house. The basement poured? No! The granite facing finished? No! The windows installed? Of course not. The sun seems to be peeking out this morning. Fingers crossed we will have a non-rainy week so we can get back on track once again. And now, I must find a plumber, as the one we had lined up is, all of a sudden, not available. Ugh.

Cemetery Maine

Rain Maine

Roof is on. Maine.

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We have a roof, well, the start of one. This week we connect the electricity and well to the house, dig the septic system, put on the granite facing, pour the cement floor in the basement (we hope), protect the roof from the elements, and finish the interior walls and stairs to the basement. Kitchen is mapped out and decisions continue!Roof is on

Second Floor, Kitty, Stairs and Dahlias

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Second floor framed

The second floor is framed. We have a staircase. I was able to climb it and explore (although I was persuaded up the ladder the other day).


We await roof trusses. We must decide on the color of the metal for our standing seam roof. Many more decisions must be made. I lie awake at night thinking of them all.

Fall is here in full force.  The dahlias in the garden are just starting to fully bud and flower. I hope the deep cold will hold off a while longer so more will bloom.

Dahlia Garden

I saw this cutie at the Kennebunk Salvage (Old House Parts) while looking for front door nobs a few days ago.

Fat happy cat