Tall Sunflowers in Maine

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First tall sunflower my garden - Erica Berman

My sunflowers have been happily growing for months. They tower over me. They must be at least 7 feet tall. They keep growing. Up. Yesterday my first flower was in bloom. So majestic and beautiful. The bees are happy too. Nature never fails to amaze.

Organic Garlic in Maine

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Garlic Erica Berman

Last fall, French hubby tilled the soil and planted all of the 140 bulbs. I tended them, picked them in late July and let them dry in an outdoor airy place (following these instructions).

They are perfect. Next year I may have to double the  quantity!


Blackberries and Blasting

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We have blackberries on our land. Many. We spent part of yesterday morning in the blackberry thicket picking in the rain. We were scratched and wet but ready to make crumble, pie and jam. 2014-08-13 10.37.01 Picking Blackberries in the rain2014-08-13 10.27.39 Picking Blackberries We will We We will will return in the next couple of days to get more berries while they last. Now that it has rained, we must go deep into the woods and find the rest of the black trumpet mushrooms that we recently discovered. I can still taste the black trumpet and sweet corn risotto we made.

The Blasting Truck, Maine

Prior to the berries we watched as our basement ledge was blasted out. I was certain I would never blast on our land until we found the ledge and I realized I really wanted my root cellar and basement space. So, blast we did. We could feel the rumble of the blast over a few hundred feet away. The machines and paraphernalia were huge and looked somewhat prehistoric.

Blasting  Machine

Blasting Machine

2014-08-13 08.38.39 Tire protection

2014-08-13 09.27.08 protection placement

Let’s hope the trees are ok. We were told it’s safe. Let’s hope it is.

Wild Blackberries, Maine

Pickles and Ledge in Maine

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pickles 2

We don’t yet have a house, but we do have a lot of cucumbers. Yesterday, we started the foundation of the house only to find that over half of the area of the house had ledge starting at only 4 inches down.

Erica in foundation

The ledge then sloped to from 3 to 7 feet deep. Now we need to decide if we blast and have a basement, or build on a slab. I always thought I did not want to blast, but, I have to admit, I would like a basement.

2014-08-07 15.13.20 pickles 1


I would love my systems, machines and root cellar down there. So, we shall see. We are calling in the blasting experts. A suivre.


In the meantime, the garden grows and the cucumbers thrive. We have so many of them action was required in the form of pickles. We made dill using this recipe. It is my fist foray into pickles. We shall see! Also a suivre. They are chilling in the fridge as I type.

Alain in foundation and machine

infront of machine

Frenchie and excavator

Sunlflowers in Maine in My Garden

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I just love them. And, so far, I can’t bring myself to cut them. The bees are too happy.Sunflowers Maine