Backup Heat and our Garden (Organic) is Growing

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Broccoli Organic Garden Maine - Paris to Maine

Broccoli growing

House plans continue. Too slowly. Window placement remains elusive. We are almost there, we think. Trees are felled, the road is in, electricity almost connected and the house site is ready. There are now many other decisions to consider. We will heat with wood. We need a back up heat source. We would prefer not to use fossil fuels. We don’t have space for bulky systems on the main floor. We want something that fits with the ecologically correct way we imagine living. Thoughts? Ideas? All are welcome.

The first tomatoes  Maine Erica Berman

In the meantime, our organic  Maine garden is growing. We have planted many types of heirloom tomatoes, two types of kale (Tuscan Lacinto, Rainbow Lacinto) green (Jade Bush and Masai Bush) and wax beans (Golden Rocky Bush), sunflowers, peppers, basil, artichokes, dahlias, peas, turnips (Oasis), radishes (Green Meat), garlic, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots (Yaya, Scarlet Keeper), all sorts of salad greens, marigolds, lavender, strawberries and other assorted flowers.

Garlic Scapes Organic Maine Erica Berman

Garlic scapes

We started late, we could have done more, but we feel proud of what we have. We have a fence, we are gaurding against the groundhog family sharing our land, and we are weeding and watering regularly. And in the midst of all this, I was able to escape to Sebago Lake for the weekend.

Sebago Lake Erica Berman

Sebago Lake Erica Berman