Silly Gardening (Organic) in Maine

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Tomatoes and Melon Erica Berman MaineTomato and melon seedlings in our guest bedroom

Gardening. Having never done it before, I am hooked but clueless. The seeds are so tiny and sweet. When I planted them they seemed so little and lonely that I sprinkled in friends; many. Things have started to grow and I now have mini forests of lettuce, kale. turnips, radishes and tomatoes.

Lettuce Maine Erica Berman 2014-06-02 17.47.18 copyLettuce in the garden

They are so cute and cozy, but some space making is needed I believe. I don’t want anyone to die. That said, I want some of these guys to survive. Aie.

Lettuce and turnips Maine Erica BermanLettuce and Turnips in the garden 

A Spring Weekend in Maine

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 Bath Farmer's Market Flowers. Maine.Yesterday I was up early and on the road to Morris Farm in Wiscasset for the 8:30 opening of their annual plant sale. Despite the fact that I was there before 8:30, many were ahead of me. We all were there to snag choice seedlings and flowers. I managed to secure what I wanted (dahlias, anemones, artichokes, basil, heirloom tomatoes, lazy susans . . .), and some advice on planting all within 15 minutes. Plant sales are popular in Maine in the spring. One must be early and fast!

Goranson's farm Maine Erica Berman

Next stop, Goranson’s farm in Dresden (not before a roadside halt to snatch a huge bunch of wild lilacs for the house). In Maine lilacs are massive bushes, practically trees. For a short time they are everywhere smelling fabulous and looking lovely.  Not having any at home (we planted some on the land they are growing nicely but not flowering yet), and as they are one of my favorite flowers, I am obliged to stop and steal! French husband teases me, but honestly, there are SO many, I can’t imagine that anyone would mind sharing their excess and making me happy!

Hahn's End cheese Maine Erica Bermain

At Goranson’s it is self-serve. I bought  bunches of fresh asparagus, lavender and rosemary seedlings, organic eggs and potatoes and was on my way.

What I love about Maine is that shops leave their wares out when they are closed for the evening, people do not lock cars or houses, and local farmer’s leave their bounty for all, self serve.

Last stop, Bath farmer’s market for wonderful Hahn’s end cheese, tulips, homemade bread from Borealis bakery, and a fabulous ocean view while shopping.

The rest of the day was spent in the garden planting seedlings and flowers, preparing beds and fencing off from hungry animal invaders.

Garden Maine Erica Berman

Back home, I managed to cook my truly very first solo roast chicken (local, organic)  and potatoes (last time I had help from French husband and Mom).  I found a recipe where you stuff it with a quartered lemon, rosemary, and garlic cloves- delicious. Then, off to  a benefit concert for F.A.R.M.S at the local Baptist church with Putnam Smith, Heather Hardy and Caroline Cotter. So much talent. So many good causes. The day ended with beer and good company at the local pub.

Excavator claw Maine

Today on the schedule; finalizing window placement on our house, planting, rhubarb, horseradish, dahlias and rosemary, cooking my first pork roast  . . . ever (local, organic), making a quiche, and dining with over 20 of our friends at our house.  The chicken stock is simmering, the sun is shining and the bugs are not yet biting. Happy Sunday,