A House in Maine? We Hope So. One Day. And Our Friends’ Fabulous House.

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House Love Round Pond(Our friends’ wonderful home in Maine)

Mid-January 2014. Maine. Still trying to design our house. Our dream house. The house where we will be live and be happy for many a year to come. Sounds like fun right? Wrong! We have been struggling for months to get the design we want, in the square footage we want, and the budget we need. I am feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and silly for taking so long.

Salon RP house

That said, this is THE house  and it HAS to succeed. We wanted 1500 square feet and then we were up to 2000 square feet. We are now at 1800 square feet. Friends wonder what is taking so long. They no longer dare ask how the plans are coming, afraid of the answer. Family is surprised that more headway has not been made.

Sheep and more

Vacation was taken. A staycation to advance the house project. Progress is slow. So many questions; budget,  size, off the grid, grid tied, masonry heaters, back up heat, orientation of rooms. So many decisions, each one affecting the next. Each change like a long row of dominos falling on the little things that now need to be adjusted, revised, and worked out.

Cedar Shingles

After many successful renovations of existing structures, I am humbled by my lack of vision for what does not exist.
Visiting the house of some friends last weekend I was amazed and awed by the lovely home they created, and built, for themselves. It is small (under 1200 square feet) but seems large. It is beautiful, tasteful and comfortable. It was built within a modest budget. It uses reclaimed timbers. They have a farm, a CSA, sheep, chickens, goats and 4 dogs. Their homestead is homey. It is all that we strive to achieve. It is a relief to know that it IS possible. Some day.
Round Pond Maine

Ice. Maine.

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Ice Maine
Winter in Maine. Cold. Sunny. Snowy. Gorgeous. Last night after a funny and fabulous dinner with dear friends we set out to go home only to discover our car sheathed in ice and the road an unbroken sheet of of black ice.

A normally 20 minute drive became a harrowing 45 minute drive. Knowing I had all three of our lives in my hands did not help make the drive any easier.
We made it. But, it was one of the scariest driving moments of my life. 
Maine I love you. Ice please go away. Now.
Snow Maine